Hi! I'm Niko. I'm a software engineer in San Francisco. I'm passionate about sustainability, studied at the ETH in Switzerland (where I'm originally from), and surf whenever I'm not working on one of my projects.

Selected Work

Atmos Financial


+react-native     +react     +node api    

What if your bank deposits funded solar

Atmos is a climate fintech that provides banking and solar loan services. As first engineer built banking partner integration, loan origination system, mobile & web frontends from 0 to 10,000+ customers.




+ecommerce w/ jekyll, netlify, paypal    

What if solar was a consumer electronic

Launched from DIY solar blog post with 200,000 views on Medium, Sunboxlabs sold and supported solar kits for apartments.




+ruby on rails    

What if you could compare EV prices online

A platform for finding EV lease offers. Sign up for a weekly EV lease offer email, and then get introduced to no-bullshit dealers via SMS.


Energy Lollipop


+react browser extension     +twitter bot     +node api     +pg&e smartmeter / caiso data    

What if climate change was a simple number

Energy Lollipop simplifies California emissions data into a single number and color and posts it to Twitter or displays it on your phone in realtime. Built with Katie Patrick.


Open Source

I help package Gnome Shell Mobile on postmarketOS & Fedora; documented in this video

Contributed to the fedoraproject.org website relaunch


Feb 13, 2015