Hi! I'm Niko. I'm a software engineer in San Francisco. I'm passionate about sustainability, studied at the ETH in Switzerland (where I'm originally from), and surf whenever I'm not working on one of my projects.

Selected Work

Atmos Financial

(Engineer, Full-Stack)

+Fund clean energy with your cash     +React-Native     +React     +Node    

Built mobile, web, marketing and various api features from scratch to launch. Integrating with numerous external APIs to build a full-featured financial experience.

Website Github on request



+EV leasing platform     +Ruby on Rails    

A platform for finding EV lease offers, the project brings the Tesla leasing experience to all other brands of EVs.

sunboxlabs thumb


(Founder, Hardware)

+Self-install solar kits     +Ecommerce w/ Hugo, Netlify, Paypal    

Launched from DIY solar blog post with 200,000 views on Medium, Sunboxlabs sells and supports solar kits for apartments.

Website Github on request

Energy Lollipop

(Co-Founder, Full-Stack)

+Your climate footprint in a number.     +React Native App / React Browser Extension     +Node.js / Express.js backend     +PG&E & CAISO data integration    

Built with Katie Patrick, Energy Lollipop simplifies climate change into a single number. Monetized through solar sales.

Website Github on request


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