28 May 2020

May 2020 Startup Update


KPIs/Core Metrics:

  • Featured in Climatetech VC
  • 2/50 sales calls. $140K deals in pipeline., DMd 200 potential leads on LinkedIn.
  • 20/20 product onboarding / feedback calls


  • Improved Chrome extension
  • Added (Progressive Web) App.

Experiments/Hypothesis run:

  • Found new possible revenue avenue: electrification. CCAs earn 3-4cents per kwh net revenue per increased sales. We can push people towards electrification. Rebate for electric elements possibly, etc.

Help Wanted/Asks:

  • Introductions to businesses and CCAs (ie. local utilities) interested in climate programs
  • Introduction to angels interested in supporting climate solutions. This team’s looking to focus on above concept for a few months.

Next month

  • Sales mode and further product refinements.