29 March 2019

March 2019 Startup Update

This month has been mostly resetting on a new project, electrade. I’ve been interviewing a bunch of EV owners over the phone to ask for problems, and going to a Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Meetup.

Not much to update on this month. Tracking WAU – 20% week over week growth but at this scale it means nothing.

Help Wanted/Asks:

  • N/A


  • N/A

KPIs/Core Metrics:

  • Monthly Active Users: 50
  • Weekly Active Users: 20
  • Daily Active Users: 5-10
  • Posts: 0
  • Revenue: $0

Experiments/Hypothesis run:

  • Electric Vehicle News app.
    • Results: works, but not super differentiated
    • Some retention as an EV news reader app.
  • Electric Vehicle Maps
    • Hard to find good data
    • Talked to Plugshare for their API data, but expensive.
  • Electric Vehicle price comparison, New
    • Static Data – Scraped off an EV information website. They never update their prices.
      • Not super sensible.
    • Dynamic Data – scraped off autotrader.
      • <10 taps, no retention.
    • Not differentiated from Autotrader.
  • Electric Vehicle price comparison, Used & New.
    • <10 taps, no retention.
  • Post your own used electric vehicle.
    • 0 taps
  • Post your EV to the gallery.
    • 8 taps
    • 0 posts
  • Used Teslas near you.
    • Not much interest, lots of competition from EV-CPO.com and onlyusedtesla.com.
    • Talked to two folks who could scrape the CPO (certified pre-owned tesla) data from tesla’s website.
  • Hypothesis:
    • People actually want to lease their cars.
    • Test: deal with a tesla lease partner
    • Found ev-vin.blogspot.com

Photos of my new workspace for the past two months, with my hosts/friends of Kosmosschool.com: