13 May 2024

Business problems worth solving

Adapted from a recent response to an Indiehackers topic Mission vs Money: What do you prioritize?

I think you need both. I try to find the balance this way:

  1. There’s a lot of potential business ideas.
  2. A subset of them will have some output/side-effect that is on-mission for you.
  3. Try out all those ideas. A subset of them will work.

For example my mission is climate. Very easy to not be able to live off your climate efforts though: nonprofits, thanksless work, civic engagement, etc.

So now

  1. of all business ideas I think of
  2. I only consider doing the subset that could have a climate impact.
  3. I try most of those in the subset. A subset of them hopefully will work :)

Below, I’m starting to keep a running list of business problems, a subset of them with impact.

  • Solar
    • Sales decks take time. B2B Sales PDF Maker SaaS for solar installers - Tesla style solar sales presentation tool for everyone else - $59/mo
    • Solar platforms are a race to the bottom.
    • Solar installers have issues tracking applicants across financing, before site survey.
    • Reach out to solar installers & offer them a sales brochure.
    • Reach out to solar installers & ask them if need apartment solar leads
    • Reach out to solar installers & ask them if need second-hand solar equipment
  • Sustainability
    • Low energy apartment washing machine
  • Drones
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HitJ8r9HwBg
    • EVTOL
  • Homes
    • Prefab and printing houses
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-4S7cdo3tY
  • EVs
    • https://electrade.app: Tired of High Gas Prices? Best EV lease list: 10x less calling, 20% more affordable (text dealer // get updates on this lease)
    • Contract manufacturing, design, software, cheap chinese EVs: https://www.economist.com/special-report/2023/04/14/all-change
  • News
    • Incentivized to be negative, and balanced news is hard to find and monetize. Positive News Newsletter SaaS - (obviously broken, big market). train a newsbot on good seed, find non-negative headlines with sentiment analysis? - $10/mo
    • People only consume debates as clips on social media and miss bigger context.
    • Potential competitors, b2b: Media monitoring, sentiment analysis, b2b for agencies
    • Mastodon instances are run by unpaid volunteers and lack a business model. Buy a cool short domain and host a paid, reliable mastodon instance. $1/mo
  • Linux
    • Linux mobile doesn’t have a notepad that syncs (freemium, flathub) - SaaS $2/mo for syncing (based off video watch count for below, market is only around 2-5k people)
    • Linux e-book reader/store (Update: Foliate)
    • Linux-ready phone with smd845 not ready
    • Flathub app: build & deploy blog from linux mobile
  • websites
    • Wordpress is still used for most blogs. CDN content platform SaaS for content websites - NotablePress, DecapCMS, Hugo, Cloudways, Nuxtpress - $6/mo
    • Shopify plug-in uninstaller speedup
    • Clone Hey world as b2b SaaS for $30/mo. Founders write great emails, marketers write bad blog posts. Let the founders send emails to the blog.
  • Climate Fintech
    • It’s hard to decarbbonize your investments. - Inyova.ch
    • https://www.joinatmos.com
  • Hospital prices are hard to compare
  • Impact quizzes / web apps SaaS? EV charging configurator, solar configurator, gas configurator, what climate type are you.
  • AI
    • https://keras.io/examples/vision/3D_image_classification/) (example: Keras model trained to create art from inputs) (update: this now exists :))
    • https://www.semianalysis.com/p/google-we-have-no-moat-and-neither
  • National quarter shortage: quarter delivery service. Hard to deliver though.
  • Heat pumps
  • blockchain
  • artificial meat
  • energy
  • farming
  • water
  • transportation
  • biodiversity
  • studio for climate saving software
  • Time tested classic: clone another badly-run business better (maybe with existing demand) - solarbalkon
  • Odd Solar