September 28, 2022

Tech to watch

  • Linux ready phone with smd845
  • Flathub app: A notepad that syncs - saas - for linux mobile - $1/mo
  • Flathub app: build & deploy blog from linux mobile
  • Climate fintech
  • AI (example: Keras model trained to create art from inputs)
  • Prefab and printing houses
  • Heat pumps
  • EVs
  • blockchain
  • artificial meat
  • energy
  • farming
  • water
  • transportation
  • biodiversity
  • studio for climate saving software
  • News - obviously broken, big market. Someone to sift through and give you 10 bullet points - train a newsbot on x. users plant seed, branch out?
  • Impact quizzes / web apps? EV charging configurator, solar configurator, gas configurator. SaaS?
  • Electrade: Tired of High Gas Prices? Best EV lease list: 10x less calling, 20% more affordable (text dealer // get updates on this lease)
  • problem I’ve heard from solar installers: solar platforms are a race to the bottom.
  • Scrape all solar installers & present to customer.
  • Find homes that don’t have solar, give badge, hook up with electrification.
  • SaaS for solar sales - Tesla style solar sales presentation tool for all other solar installers - saas
  • Time tested classic: clone another badly-run business better (maybe with existing demand)

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