Hi! I'm Niko. I'm a full-stack software engineer in San Francisco. I'm passionate about sustainability, studied at the ETH in Switzerland (where I'm originally from), and surf whenever I'm not working on one of my projects.

Selected Work

sunboxlabs thumb


(Founder, Hardware)

+Self-install solar kits     +Ecommerce w/ Hugo, Vercel, Paypal    

Launched from DIY solar blog post with 200,000 views on Medium: Initially an affiliate site, sunbox now directly sells and supports solar kits for apartments, and solar batteries for backup and on-the-go power.

Website Github on request

Atmos Financial

(Engineer, Full-Stack)

+Invest in solar with your savings     +React Redux     +Node    

Built front-end from scratch over launch to full-featured banking web-app. Various 3rd party integrations and marketing interactions. Full test coverage. Contributed various functions and calculations to api.

Website Github on request


Energy Lollipop

(Co-Founder, Full-Stack)

+Your climate footprint in a number.     +React Native App / React Browser Extension     +Node.js / Express.js backend     +PG&E data integration    

Challenge: Simplify climate-change into a single number. See your office or home emissions and influence it in a real-time feedback loop with gamification elements.

Solution: Combining real-time data from the PG&E Smartmeter API and CAISO, we constructed a real-time figure for your personal or office emissions in a friendly form.

Website Github on request



+Nerdwallet for EVs and greentech     +NetlifyCMS with Hugo    

Challenge: Directory of sustainable services, measuring impact along the way in a dynamic fashion.

Solution: This project constructs statically rendered, SEO-friendly articles from user-submitted content and links.



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