Hi! I'm Niko. I'm a full-stack software developer in San Francisco. I surf in my free time, studied at ETH Zurich in Switzerland (where I'm originally from), and if you want to, you can contact me here.

Selected Software Work

Energy Lollipop

(Extension, Full-Stack)

+Real-time grid & PG&E data integration     +React.js browser extension     +Node.js / Express.js backend     +Postgres storage     +Running on Heroku    

Challenge: Simplify climate-change into a single number. See your office or home emissions and influence it in a real-time feedback loop with gamification elements.

Solution: Combining real-time data from the PG&E Smartmeter API and CAISO, we constructed a real-time figure for your personal or office emissions in a friendly form.

Website Github on request


(Marketplace, Full-Stack)

+Marketplace for Classes     +React / Next.js with server-side rendering for SEO     +"Serverless" Cloud Functions     +Firebase storage     +Running on Zeit Now    

Challenge: Lead transition of existing code base to Server Side Rendered App, integrated with team, and shipped new features while re-factoring and testing continuously.

Website Github on request


(Real-Time Collab, Full-Stack)

+Real-Time Collaboration for Meetings     +React.js / Typescript web app     +Node.js / Express.js backend     +Sockets.io     +Postgres store     +Running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk    

Challenge: Real-time collaboration for business meetings, this project was built from scratch. Solved all multi-user edge cases for this B2B Saas startup's MVP.

Solution: Using YJS to synchronize clients through "conflict-free replicated data types", customized to our purposes, we devised solutions to all edge cases in synchronous editing of documents and pulling structured data from them.

Website Github on request


(Mobile, Full-Stack)

+Platform for EVs     +React Native on iOS & Android     +Node.js / Express.js     +Postgres     +Stripe     +AWS S3 Photo Upload

Challenge: Mobile Marketplace for Electric Vehicle Leasing and Trading. Large, complex app with Stripe integration, photo upload and async operations

Solution: A simple app structure was shipped to multiple platforms and iterated on daily.

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